Successful 2 Weeks at The Grand Hotel at Bridgeport.

The Grand Hotel At Brideport Opened its Doors on August 26.

The Grand Hotel At Brideport Opened its Doors on August 26.

The curtains have been pressed and hung, the landscaping planted, the door knobs polished, the windows cleaned, and the pillows fluffed and a hot complimentary breakfast prepared by Chef Taylor is waiting for you.  Opening a new hotel is a big task- but we did it!

The Grand Hotel at Bridgeport officially opened for business on August 26 and we have had a very successful 2 weeks thus far!

We have been pleased with the positive feedback we have received from guests and members of the communitity.  So far, our guests are most impressed with the impeccable service from our staff  and the level of comfort they enjoyed in the luxurious rooms and suites.  We are proud of our new hotel, our green and sustainable practices, and our talented staff that have come together to make this happen.

We want to thank the Bridgeport Village and the surrounding community for welcoming us so openly and are happy to be Portland’s newest luxery hotel!

2 thoughts on “Successful 2 Weeks at The Grand Hotel at Bridgeport.

  1. My husband & I returned home last evening from a wonderful two night stay at your new hotel. We were with our daughters, who stayed five nights. Your hotel is not only beautiful, it is cozy and clean. We found the staff to be incredibly helpful, friendly and professional. When I say “staff”, that applies to all we had contact with from desk, managers, housekeepers etc. The location is great too!

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