New Hotel, New Logo, New Look!

The Grand Hotel is just weeks from opening and the excitement is building!  Below are a few images of our new logo, new signs on the building, and a sneak-preview of the lobby.

The Grand Hotel at Bridgeport logo

The Grand Hotel at Bridgeport logo

This is the logo that we will use most of the time, showing the Grand Hotel shield with script below.  Advertising, signage, etc. will contain this logo.

Grand Hotel Logo 2

Grand Hotel Logo 2

From time to time we will use the shield alone, or the scrip alone.  Freeway signage, for example, will likely display one or the other.


Sign being installed on the side of the building

This picture shows the sign that faces north being installed.  On two sides of the building the signage reads “The Grand Hotel”.  These signs will be outlined with red lighting at night, and viewable from Interstate 5 northbound and southbound.

Grand Hotel sign on the building

Grand Hotel sign on the building

The sign that faces south, finished.


Wallpaper in the lobby

The lobby in progress.  The wallpaper is amazing, and behind me is a beautiful two-story fireplace that reaches from floor to ceiling.

We plan on being open mid-August and are taking reservations now.  Please call us toll-free at 866-968-5757 or email us at to inquire about reservations.

One thought on “New Hotel, New Logo, New Look!

  1. Do you have any pictures of the slate and rock work inside the Grand Hotel you could share? We live in Eugene but a supplier said you are using a product we are interested in buying, and we would love to see how it is being applied. THANKYOU!!

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