Tips for Better Business Travel

Tips for Business TravelersI recognize and appreciate that many of our guests at The Grand Hotel Bridgeport are staying here for business reasons.  After all- we are located just outside of Portland, Oregon and are minutes away from the business centers in Tulatin and Tigard.   Here are some tips I found from the article, 30 tips for better business travel that you might appreciate!  Leave a comment if you have more handy tips to share.

Business Travel Tips

  • Never put your laptop in your hold luggage, even if you’re not using it during your flight. The tender ministrations of the baggage handlers have dispatched more than one of my laptops to the great repair shop in the sky. — Jo Best, senior reporter,
  • Pack paper and pen – they have a longer battery life than your laptop and are more multi-functional. — Rob Bamforth, analyst, Quocirca
    Buy a light travel bag that holds a change of clothes, laptop, charger, phone, pen, paper and has a handle, shoulder and backpack straps. — Rob Bamforth, analyst, Quocirca
    Take your own bottle of water on the plane. Even in business class they never come round with the drinks enough and it’s too easy to get dehydrated. — Steve Ranger, business editor,
    Try to avoid working when you are travelling – the whole experience is bad enough without adding to the stress by having to complete your presentation before you land. Use the time to catch up on leisure reading and movies. — Elaine Axby, analyst, Quocirca
    Two consecutive nights in the same hotel is a chance to get some laundry done – so less clothes you need to pack in the first place. — Bob Tarzey, analyst, Quocirca
    If you aren’t yet a Skype subscriber then think about becoming one. In some countries, using VoIP in the hotel lobby or a wi-fi zone can save you a small fortune in mobile phone roaming charges. Don’t forget to pack your headset. — Simon Moores, columnist,
    In strange cities, if you can find out how best to get from the airport to your destination before you leave and the rough cost and time, everything will run a lot more smoothly. — Simon Briskman, lawyer, Field Fisher Waterhouse

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