Free Wi-Fi Should Be The Standard in Luxury Hotels- Agree or Disagree?

Free Wi-Fi at The Grand Hotel BridgeportSince opening in August of last year, many of our guests have praised us for providing Free Wi-Fi.  I have heard time and time again how they are fed up with being charged extra fees so they may access their wireless Internet (sometimes as much as $14.00 a day!!).   In fact, we are hearing more and more that Free Wi-Fi is one of the services our guests value the most.

The costs of providing wireless Internet have come down- it simply does not make sense to nickel and dime our guests….or make them join some Loyalty program or jump through hoops.  From the beginning, our hotel has been committed to providing our guests with the most luxurious and comfortable accommodations in the area- and this means Free Wi-Fi .

The article Business travelers winning battle for free hotel Internet access in USA Today by Barbara DeLollis posted last month addresses  this issue:

More business travelers are getting what they say they want most from hotels: free Internet access in their rooms……Henry Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst at Forrester Research, says that it’s time for hotels to drop Internet charges. “Hotels realize that companies and individuals are fed up with paying extra for Wi-Fi,” he says. “Consumers are smart enough to know the cost of providing it has come down.”

2 thoughts on “Free Wi-Fi Should Be The Standard in Luxury Hotels- Agree or Disagree?

  1. I totally agree, it amazes me when i check in at some five or even four star hotel and see there’s no WI-FI connectivity …. now i confirm before checking in 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment! It is pretty smart to confirm Wi-Fi before you check in….it is an important detail to travelers!

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