Time to Have Some Fun in the Oregon Sun

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as the Pacific Northwest in the Summer, is there? Make the most of those summer days by soaking up some Oregon sun water out on the water!  Luckily, Tigard and Tualatin offer numerous options of boating, kayaking, canoeing, and all around water sports. Here are some of our favs!

Alder Creek Kayak and Canoes

Ready to try your hand at kayaking or canoeing? Take the plunge with Alder Creek Kayak and Canoes in Tualatin. Alder Creek offers family friendly, paddle-away boat rentals on The Tualatin River from their rental location in Browns Ferry Park. Canoes, single and tandem recreational kayaks are available on a 1st come 1st served basis. If you are new to the sport, not to worry! Alder Creek offers lessons, guided tours, and you can rent the equipment you need.

Cook Park

Nestled right on the bank of the Tualatin River is Cook Park, a 79-acre natural wonderland offering wetlands, forest, butterfly gardens, sports fields, and of course, water. You can rent kayaks and canoes here and paddle on down the Tualatin River. When you’re done, head to one of Cook Park’s many BBQ spots to grill up some dinner. You can’t beat it!

Tualatin Valley

Lose yourself in the incredible Tualatin Valley and spend the day exploring its Nature Parks and Wildlife Preserves. Be sure to pack binoculars and get in some quality wildlife watching of its 200 bird species, 50 animal species, and 25 species of reptiles and amphibians.

How about paddle boarding and kayaking down the Tualatin River? Of course, you could also spend the day doing a little fishing if that floats your boat. It’s the perfect environment to get some time on the water and enjoy an unbeatable sunset view to cap off a perfect day.


Tualatin Riverkeepers

Tualatin Riverkeepers (TRK) is a nonprofit organization working to protect and restore Oregon’s Tualatin River System. Volunteers  provide nature education, habitat restoration, paddle trips and advocacy.

Beyond that, the serenity of this river makes it ideal for new and first time paddlers. On the trip along the Tualatin River you will be able to witness wildlife and the natural beauty of this region and soak in that sweet summer air.

Those are just a few of the options for getting wet around Tigard and Tualatin. If you’re willing to travel a bit further out you also have access to:

Portland Kayak Company

Sellwood Riverfront Park

eNRG Kayaking

First Nature Tours

With all these options weather this nice, there’s no excuse to stays indoors. Get your trunks on and go hit the water; you’ll thank us later!


photo credit: Into the sunset via photopin (license)

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